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No. 19.






This work is the twenty-second of a series of papers intended to illus- trate the collections of natural history and ethnology belonging to the United Stated, and constituting the National Museum, of which the Smithsonian Institution was placed in charge by the act of Congress of August 10, 1846.

It has been prepared at the request of the Institution, and printed by authority of the honorable Secretary of the Interior.

SPENCER F. BAIRD, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution .

Smithsonian Institution,

Washington , April 26, 1882.




ft. I






. . . Index-learning turns no student pale Yet holds the eel of science by the tail.

Pope. Dunciad, i, 279.


I. Supplemental List. II. Universal Index.



Reptiles ft Amphibians' U.S. National Museum





«H -




This work originated in personal needs. The labor involved in con- sulting so many books of reference to see how and where a certain generic name had been used, or whether one coined for a special occa- sion had already been employed, led me to cut up a copy of Marschall’s Nomenclator* and making a single alphabet of its twenty-one lists, add to them from year to year the names found in the index to the Zoological Eecord.f The scrap-book thus formed made a tolerable sup- plement to Agassiz’s Index, | and was worth the pains employed. The alphabet of the scrap-book could not, however, be kept intact, espe- cially in view of the multiplicity of compounds of some favorite initiatory word like cuavOa it became more complicated and unwieldy with ever}' addition ; and in view of the length of time that had elapsed since Agassiz’s index was issued, the need of a new index universalis became daily more apparent. My zoological friends, to whom my manuscript list was open, urged also the boon such an undertaking would confer upon all working naturalists, and the cordiality with which a proposi-

* Nomenclator zoologicus, continens nomina systematica generum animalium tam viventium quam fossilium, secundum ordinem alphabetic um disposita sub auspiciis et sumptibus C. R. Societat.is zoologico-botanicae conscriptus a comite Augusto de Mar- schall. 8°. Vindobonae, 1873. Pp. 4, 482. This work includes 19,966 entries.

tThe record of zoological literature, vol. 1-6. [Continued under the title] The zoological record for 1870 [-1879] ; being vol. 7 [-16] of the Record of zoological litera- ture. 16 vols., London, 1865-1881. 8°. Vols. 1-5 were never indexed ; the index for vol. 6 will be found in vol. 10. Vols. 1-6 were edited by C. L. G. Gunther; vols. 7-9 by Alfred Newton ; vols. 10-13 by E. C. Rye. The indexes of volumes 6-14 contain 7,968 names.

t Nomenclator zoologicus, continens nomina systematica generum animalium tam viventium quam fossilium, secundum ordinem alphabeticum disposita, adjectis auc- toribus, libris, in quibus reperiuntur, anno editionis, etymologia et familiis, ad quas pertinent, in singulis classibus. Auctore L. Agassiz. Adjuvantibus, Princ. C. L. Bonaparte, H. Burmeister, T. a Charpentier, C. Dum6ril, G. R. Ehrenberg, G. F. Erich- son, E. F. Germar, G. R. Gray, J. E. Gray, L. Imhoff, J. J. Kaup, H. Loew, H. Lucas, C. T. Menke, H. a Meyer, F. Mieschner, M. Milne-Edwards, H. E. Strickland, A. Wag- ner, G. R. Waterhouse, Zeller. 4°. Soloduri, 1842-1846. Pp. (1539).

This work included the following, which is the volume referred to in the text : Nomenclatoris zoologici index universalis, continens nomina systematica classium, ordinum, familiarum et generum animalium omnium, tam viventium quam fossilium, secundum ordinem alphabeticum unicum disposita, adjectis homonymiis plantarum, nec non variis adnotationibus et emendationibus. Auctore L. Agassiz. 4°. Soloduri, 1846. Pp. 8, 393. This was also issued in 12° (from the same type rearranged), Solo- duri, 1848. Pp. 10, 1135. This last, containing 32,964 entries, served as a basis for my index, mentioned below, copies being cut up and rearranged with other lists in one alphabet.




tion to this effect was received by Professor Baird, and the opportunity afforded me by Mr. Agassiz (to be mentioned below), determined me to undertake the task.

The usefulness of such a work need not be explained to the profes- sional naturalist. To every one the nomenclator and index of Agassiz, so admirable in its execution, is a vade-mecum. The notorious inac- curacy and incompleteness of MarschalPs supplement to it on the other hand, and the fact known to me both by personal study and by com- munications of others, that several important works had altogether escaped notice in any lists, determined me to make the new universal index more complete and satisfactory by prefixing to it, in a single alphabet, a supplemental list of names which had been omitted from or incorrectly given in any of the previously published lists, so that they could afterward be included in the general index.

Confident, moreover, of the support I should receive from naturalists, and appreciating the added value which authoritative statements from first sources would have, a short notice of my project was published in Nature,* and a circular was also prepared and widely distributed, in- viting naturalists to send me lists of the genera founded by them in recent years, to be included, over their names, in the proposed supple- mental list.

The responses to this appeal were so general, that I soon found the task tenfold greater than I had anticipated, and although the work was thereby rendered far more satisfactory, it involved so much more labor that it would never have been attempted, if foreseen. This, however,, lias not deterred me from prosecuting it with the same care that would have been given to a less arduous undertaking, although it has been at a great sacrifice of time and strength. Not a few persons sent me com- plete lists of their genera, including very many already reported, but which I was unwilling to omit, from the value which attached to them as furnished by the authors themselves. Early in my work I learned, that a somewhat similar undertaking had been planned by some of the staff of the British Museum, and I would gladly have left it to them had not steps been taken which pledged both the Smithsonian Institu- tion and myself to the task ; and with great generosity the material which had been collected by Mr. Waterhouse was placed in my hands. How largely my list has profited by this courtesy, its own pages will show.

It is a special pleasure to acknowledge my indebtedness to Mr. Alex- ander Agassiz, who freely placed at my disposal the manuscript addi- tions and corrections which Professor Agassiz had made to his Nomen- clator. These furnished the most considerable additions to my list, and are particularly full in radiates, mollusks, and fishes. t They had been collected under the direction of Professor Agassiz, during a long period of

* Vol. 20, p. 551, October 9, 1879.

t By an oversight, the principal additions to the lepidoptera, coleoptera and neu- roptera were not received.



years and by many persons, but having never been fully revised by hint have an unequal value. It was impossible, from their multitude and the vast labor involved, to subject them to a critical examination, so that while I have given them as found, it is only justice to the source from which they came to make this explanation.

Through the intervention of Mr. E. 0. Rye, of London, who himself sent me various memoranda of omissions from previous lists, I received a man- uscript catalogue of genera proposed in diptera, including their variations in orthography, prepared and forwarded to me by Mr. G. H. Verrall, of Newmarket ; the number of these, reaching several thousands,* would surprise even a specialist in that group. Free use has been made of this list so generously offered, and every name not previously recorded will be found entered in the body of the Supplemental List. The list did not contain complete references, but, in general, only indications of author and date; fuller details, however, were in some instances fur- nished by Mr. Yerrall on application.

Of other lists supplied by specialists in their own departments, I must express my very great obligations to Mr. J. Bigot, of Paris, who kindly sent me detailed references to three hundred and eighty -five genera of diptera, referred to neither by Agassiz nor Marschall, bringing the list down to May, 1879. To Oapt. W. H. Dali, of the United States Coast Survey, I am indebted for a vast number of memoranda of various kinds upon mollusca, including a complete list of his own genera, besides many corrections made upon the proofs of my work submitted to him ^ these are all made with his usual care and precision. The entries re- ceived from Mr. Waterhouse, of the British Museum, to which allusion has been made, have an especial value, since nearly all the references obtained by him from secondary sources have received his careful veri- fication, and the list was made up of omissions from previous records ; his list and Mr. DalFs have been, after those obtained from Mr. Agassiz and Mr. Yerrall, perhaps the most extensive of all. I have received also the very welcome and generous assistance of Mr. W. H. Dalton, of H. M. Geological Survey, London, whose special work on the Geological Record f enabled him to send me an extensive list of overlooked genera of fossil animals, which were the more desirable from their having been so generally neglected since Agassiz’s time. Similar aid was received from Mr. W. F. Kirby, of the British Museum, who sent me a long array of names in lepidoptera, mostly of recent years, which his labors on the

* In February, 1882, Mr. Verrall wrote me that this list, which when sent to me con- tained about 4,400 names, of which he had seen the original references* to all except about 290, now contained 4,900 names; of these he considers fully one-third as only- misprints or misspellings, which had been collected for index purposes, erroneous, forms being frequently misleading and troublesome.

t The geological record for 1874 [-1877]. An account of works on geology, miner- alogy, and palaeontology published during the year. Edited by William Whitaker. 8°. London, 4 vols., 1875-1880. The last two volumes add to the title: With sup- plements for 1874-1875 [1874-1876].



Zoological Record especially fitted him to do ; from his colleagues on the Zoological Record, Dr. 0. F. Lfitken, of Copenhagen, who kindly furnished memoranda of recently established genera of coelenterates and echinoderms ; and Dr. E. von Martens, of Berlin, who sent a very extensive list of recently established genera of mollusca.

Only less extensive than these have been the lists and memoranda re- ceived from numerous other naturalists. Mr. P. H. Carpenter, of Eton College, sent an annotated synopsis of all the genera of recent and fossil comatulidae ; Mr. Walter Faxon, of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, furnished numerous references to old and new genera of Crustacea ; his colleague, Mr. S. G-arman, the same of fishes and reptiles ; Dr. Gestro, of Genoa, a complete list of all genera published in the Annali del Museo Civico in 1878 and 1879 ; Prof. D. S. Jordan, of Bloomington, a long series of generic names of fishes, including all established by himself; Dr. G. Lindstrom, of Stockholm, many genera of fossil corals ; Mr. Theodore Lyman, of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, a list of the genera of astrophytidae and ophiuridae published in 1878 and 1879; Mr. R. McLachlan, of London, notes of many overlooked genera of orthoptera and neuroptera ; Mr. J. Moneli, of Saint Louis, a synonymic list of all genera of aphidae ; Dr. W. Peters, of Berlin, lists of the recent genera proposed by the staff of the Berlin Museum ; my lamented friend Count L. de Pourtales, of Cambridge, the recent genera of echinoderms ; the late Mr. J. Duncan Putnam, of Davenport, a list of the genera in the Proceed- ings of the Davenport Academy ; Mr. C. Y. Riley, of Washington, notes on some of his genera ; Mr. E. C. Rye, of London, sundry overlooked genera and corrections in previous lists ; Sir S. S. Saunders, of London, similar memoranda in coleoptera; Dr. H. de Saussure, of Geneva, brief notes on some of his own genera; Prof. S. I. Smith, of Yale College, various memoranda and corrections in MarschalPs Nomenclator, as well as a list of his own genera ; and Mr. F. M. Yan der Wulp, of the Hague, a list of the genera established in recent years by the Dutch entomolo- gists, mostly from the Tijdschrift voor entomologie.

, As already stated, many naturalists furnished me with complete lists of all the genera established by them ; prominent among these, from the great extent of their lists, besides some already incidentally mentioned, are Prof. E. D. Cope, of Philadelphia; Prof. James Hall, of Albany; Dr. G. H. Horn, of Philadelphia ; Prof. A. Hyatt, of Boston ; Dr. J. L. Le Conte and Dr. Joseph Leidy, of Philadelphia ; Prof. O. C. Marsh, of New Haven (who had the goodness to put his copy in print for me) ; the late Dr. A. Menge, of Danzig; Dr. A. S. Packard, of Providence; Dr. O. M. Reuter, of Helsingfors; Dr. T. Thorell, of Genoa, and Prof.

A. E. Yerrill, of New Haven, to all of whom my best thanks are due. Shorter similar lists are also gratefully acknowledged from Mr. W. G. JBinney, of Burlington ; Mr. Charles Brongniart, of Paris ; Mr. George

B. Buckton, of Haslemere ; Mr. W. S. Dallas, of London ; Mr. D. C. Danielssen, of Bergen; Dr. J. W. Dawson, of Montreal; Dr. Francis



Day, of Cheltenham ; Mr. A. de Bormans (Dubrony), of Brussels 5 Mr. Henry Edwards, of New York ; Dr. Aug. Forel, of Munich ; Prof. Albert Gaudry, of Paris ; Dr. H. B. Geinitz, of Dresden; Mr. O. Har- ger, of New Haven; Mr. J. S. Kingsley, of Worcester; Dr. L. Koch, of Nuremberg; Mr. P. de Loriol, of Frontenex; Dr. A. W. Malm, of Gothenburg; Mr. Edward J. Miers, of the British Museum; Dr. A. B. Meyer, of Dresden ; Mr. P. O. Olsson, of Ostersund ; Mr. W. H. Patton, of Washington ; Prof. Felipe Poey, of Havana ; Dr. 0. Bitsema, of Leyden ; Dr. O. Staudinger, of Dresden, and Rev. T. R. R. Stebbing, of Tunbridge Wells.

' Valuable notes were also communicated by Mr. J. A. Allen, of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, upon the genera of birds, and on the same by Dr. Elliott Coues, of Washington; Dr. Ph. Bertkau, of Bonn, kindly sent a list of recent genera of arachnida ; Rev. A. E. Eaton, of Bromley, notes of many genera of ephemeridae ; Prof. C. H. Fernald, of Orono, memoranda of Lord Walsingham’s genera; and the late Dr. Snellen van Vollenlioven, of the Hague, notes of various genera.

Besides the complete lists of their genera sent by various naturalists many others responded to the circular asking for names introduced since 1877, and full lists of these, some of them very extensive and all very welcome, are gratefully acknowledged from Dr. Joachim Barrande, of Prague ; Dr. Evald Bergroth, of Helsingfors ; Sen. J. N. Barboza du Bocage, of Lisbon ; Dr. Ignacio Bolivar, of Madrid ; Mr. George S. Brady, of Sunderland ; Rev. O. P. Cambridge, of Blandford ; the late Dr. Candbze, of Liege ; Mr. H. J. Carter, of Budleigh ; Mr. Y. T. Cham- bers, of Covington; Dr. Herman Friele, of Bergen; Mr. F. D. Godman, of London (including those established in conjunction with Mr. Salvin) ; Mr. G. Brown Goode, of Washington; Mr. H. S. Gorham, of Shipley; Mr. G. Bird Grinnell, of New Haven; Mr. A. R. Grote, of New Brigh- ton ; Dr. Richard Hertwig, of Jena ; Dr. A. A. W. Hubrecht, of Leyden; Count E. Keyserling, of Glogau ; Dr. R. Leuckart, of Leipsic ; Mr. G. M. R. Levinssen, of Copenhagen; Mr. Jules Lichtenstein, of Montpellier; Mr. Frederick Moore, of London; Dr. H. Alleyne Nicholson, of St. Andrews ; Baron R. von Osten Sacken, of Heidelberg ; Dr. G. O. Sars, of Christi- ania ; Baron E. de Selys Longchamps, of Liege ; Dr. David Sharp, of Thornhill; Dr. Signoret, of Paris; Mr. E. Simon, of Paris; Mr. W. J. Sollas, of Bristol; Dr. E. L. Trouessart, of Yilleveque; Dr. F. Yej- dovsky, of Prague, and Lord Walsingham, of London. Several others sent their recent publications.

These contributions have added vastly to the value of the supple- mental list,* and having also delayed its appearance I have attempted

* It may be remarked here that believing such contributions to be of some intrinsic value, at least as a corrective of errors in the printed list, the originals have, wher- ever possible, been preserved, collected into a volume, and deposited in the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Cambridge, where they can be examined together with the annotated Nomenclator of Agassiz.


to perfect it by every means in my power, and to examine all possible aids. Accordingly the indexes to the Geological Record, the Zoological Record, and the Zoologischer Jahresberichtf of the latest dates before 1880 have been entered with the others, and an extensive series of memoranda of genera of lepidoptera, orthoptera, and fossil insects in my possession have been carefully examined. A number of books af- fording memoranda of this uature have also been carefully examiued. A list of such works as have been systematically studied for this purpose is here appended.

Billberg, G. J. Enumeratio insectorum. Holmiae, 1820. 4°.

Diesing, C. M. Systeina lielminthum. Vindobonae, 1850-’51. 2 v. 8°.

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Edited by W. G. Binney and G. W. Tryon, jr. . New York, 1864. 8°.

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The following list includes the recent publications of learned societies and scientific journals, which have been examined for the same purpose,, arranged alphabetically under the place of publication. When two dates occur, one in parentheses, the latter indicates the year of publica- tion.

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It remains only to indicate briefly the plan and scope of the work. The first part, or u Supplemental List,77 includes 15,939 entries of genera established previous to 1880, not recorded or erroneously given in the nomenclators of Agassiz and Marschall, or the Zoological Record indexes. It includes, however, besides these : 1st, the genera of the Zoological Record for 1878 and 1879 (2,133 names, which had not been entered in the MS. of the second part, or Universal Index, at the time of its preparation) ; 2d, the genera in the index of the Zoologischer Jahres- II



bericht for 1879, not otherwise given ; 3d, all genera, whether previously recorded correctly or not, which were furnished by the authors them- selves ; and 4th, a few groups higher than genera, most of which were furnished by correspondents, and therefore not expunged 5 no attempt has been made to collect